IFLI Images

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The images in this folder are IFLI mode images which are very rarely to be
found on the net. We retrieved some of these from the High Voltage Graphic
(unfortunately, not available anymore) where they resided in two
giant RAR archives (the 1st of which was broken). Most of them were
in Gunpaint format and we have converted them to standard Funpaint using GoDot
(what else?) which saves space and download time. Included here is a (PAL) IFLI Player
(the same that is on the GoDot disks) and also Todd Elliott's NTSC viewer for North
American users (thank you, Todd!) All images can easily be loaded by GoDot using
ldr.IFLI. For use on a C64 please rename all image files with a leading double
up-arrow, otherwise the Player (and either FunPaint) wouldn't recognize them.

To use the viewers correctly please refer to the instructions text that is for
download, too.

The files marked with an 'x' have been exchanged since the first release. I calmed their
flicker down noticeably (using GoDot).

IFLI-diashow.prg  2.251   Program to display IFLIs on PAL machines
diashow_eng.prg   2.251   same program, English messages
ntscifli.prg        690   This is Todd Elliott's "NTSC IFLI viewer" program
                          It is "SCPU-friendly" (you needn't switch it down)
instruct.txt      3.108   Instructions for the viewer programs
arndtdettke.fp2  30.915   GoDot created (via GIF)
balloon.fp2      26.279   early GoDot
batlogo.fp2      15.544   early GoDot
beach2.fp2       30.725   early GoDot (erotic)
bottles.fp2      18.953   early GoDot
butterfly.fp2    28.507 x from Amiga
butterfly2.fp2   28.175   early GoDot
ccrawford.fp2    22.023   early GoDot (erotic)
coins.fp2        30.986   GoDot created
corder.fp2       22.063   early GoDot
dragon.fp2       30.812
dream.fp2        29.353 x GoDot created
explosion.fp2    17.583 x GoDot created
eye.fp2          30.663   early GoDot
ferr365.fp2      16.312
galaxis.fp2      23.714   early GoDot
garfield.fp2     13.696   early GoDot
glance.fp2       26.055   GoDot created (from an Amiga game)
hlt01.fp2        21.314   by Highlite
horst.fp2        23.279
hunters.fp2      13.924   early GoDot
impossible.fp2   20.591 x an Anime
is01.fp2         17.737
janeway.fp2      29.629   early GoDot
jb01.fp2         23.238   by Jailbird
jb02.fp2         19.704
jk03.fp2         26.142
jk04.fp2         28.387
joe01.fp2        23.287
joe02.fp2        24.669
joe03.fp2        28.060
joker.fp2        25.140   early GoDot
kat01.fp2        22.301
kat02.fp2        11.669
kat03.fp2        26.325
kat04.fp2        19.257
kat05.fp2        18.171
kat06.fp2        22.630
kat07.fp2        30.492
kat08.fp2        20.281
knight.fp2       21.050
lo10.fp2         26.378 x early GoDot (erotic)
monument.fp2     26.422   early GoDot
nina.fp2         26.921   early GoDot
nomad.fp2        18.227   GoDot created
orange.fp2       18.193   early GoDot
parrot.fp2       28.800   early GoDot
pinball.fp2      25.680   early GoDot
polaroid.fp2     22.590   early GoDot
redrose.fp2      24.623   early GoDot
rubens.fp2       30.829   GoDot created
shorts.fp2       18.901   early GoDot (erotic)
suntan.fp2       30.870   early GoDot
sweethrt.fp2     11.293
taped.fp2        19.691 x GoDot created
theworld.fp2     14.381   early GoDot
master.fp2       14.422   early GoDot
yvette.fp2       27.134   early GoDot (erotic)

Information about other websites containing IFLIs are welcome!
Send via email to support@godot64.de

Arndt Dettke
(c) 2002, Arndt Dettke, arndt@godot64.de