Intermediately Save Picture Data - Temp

"Temp" is short for "temporary file". GoDot users have only access to such a file, when provided with additional RAM (RAM extensions). Prepared for access are Commodore's REUs, the big VDC of a C128D (with metal case), and Scanntronik's Pagefox hardware module. Svr.Temp opens the possibility to retain intermediate results of pictures that currently are processed, to reuse them in a further step of processing. All of GoDot's 4Bit loaders are equipped with a function to access Temp RAM by switching the gadget "Source" - that shows "Disk" by default - to another caption. If no Temp was created, there will be no other selection.

Sometimes you possibly like to leave GoDot for to execute anything with another program. Just do it. If that certain program doesn't alter Temp's location (e.g. the VDC), its data will remain, and can be fetched back to the 4Bit area by any given loader, presumed the REU device is activated (look also Undo).

For that purpose you just call the filerequester, click unit RAM, and choose as a file name the preset name "temp00" (double zero, if you can't choose, type it in). After "LOAD" the intermediately stored file is at your hand again. You should immediately save Temp again if you loaded it right after launch procedure (svr.Temp), because only saving publishes its name to the loaders.


Arndt Dettke

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