Graphics Mode, Number of Colors, Clips, and Rendering

With the topmost gadget of this window you tune in the screen resolution the picture in 4Bit memory will be rendered with (graphics mode):

Display modes other than these (like FLI or even IFLI) directly under GoDot are not scheduled because they are extremely straining the memory disposal. For these modes we equipped the commercial version of GoDot with viewers that should fill the gap (they are called "MCS-diashow", "IFLI-diashow", and "vbm128").

Behind "Colors" you set the number of gray scales (!) the picture shall be rendered with. You click on the left resp. on the right into the gadget to increment or to decrement the number. The counting will be circularly. This is not the place to set the requested number of the picture's colors because that would mean to compute a reduction of colors to the algorithm of the according GoDot function. This is not the case, it only uses the preset colors of "Palette" for the display (see "Color Controls") that will be interpreted as gray scales, and with a lower number of colors it will appoint them to the very next gray scale. Thus a reduction of colors isn't possible because the C64 offers too few alternatives. However, gray scales may be reduced without problems (see mod.ApplyDither). You obtain an approximation to color reduction if you set a number of 5 and use the according palette. A number of 8 will amazingly result in acceptable pictures, too. Again: to set the number of colors won't produce a reduction of colors, but a reduction of gray scales! In fact, GoDot is based on gray scales.

"Exec Area" lets you choose the sceen area to render next (the Clip you fixed with mod.ClipWorks). Normally this gadget is captioned "Full" meaning the whole screen will be newly rendered. If you preset a certain clip with mod.ClipWorks this gadget will be captioned "Clip". In this case only the fixed area will be rendered. Inside of clips, the rendering algorithm will never compute a new background color for this would affect the whole screen. You can systematically utilize this feature with clips set to full screen (see mod.ClipWorks).

The last gadget - "Display" - starts GoDot's rendering algorithm. After operation the screen will be set to the chosen graphics mode, and cleared, then GoDot tile by tile will compute the best possible picture from the data in 4Bit memory. Thereby the 4Bit data will be left unmolested. In this way you can test many settings without ever being forced to load the picture anew.


Arndt Dettke

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