Printing with GoDot

There are some rather sophisticated black and white paint programs with a good printer output that are supported by GoDot (see Preparing for Black&White Printout). However, GoDot additionally provides you with its own drivers. There's an adaption to standard 9 pin printers (all Epson compatibles), and another one to standard 24 pin printers (all NEC compatibles).

Yet, GoDot's most extra-ordinary feature is its support for color printers. It provides you with drivers for three of the most popular printer types, each of them giving you a rather similar spectrum of their efficiency. All color printer drivers put out their pictures in three different sizes, and they have functions that allow you to determine the position of the picture to be printed. According to the printer's equipment there are additional options to control particular features of the printer by mouse click.

All of them have in common that you can choose one of three hardware interfaces to access a printer. You can preset the Wiesemann Interface 98000 (and compatibles), the Merlin C+, and printing via a userport cable. We strongly recommend the last mentioned.

These drivers are at your hand:


Arndt Dettke

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