GoDot's basical order of colors in graphics mode follows the principles of a bright-dark gradient. To be true, GoDot doesn't administer colors, but brightnesses, i.e. shades of gray. On behalf of the hardware a C64 emits 9 shades of gray: activate the palette requester, and dial off colors from your monitor. The lower color gadget will clearly show you what we mean. However, GoDot knows 16 shades of gray altogether, thus more than actually can be displayed. Therefore gray scales are associated with colors (by computation).

That means that all pictures that get to the memory of GoDot first of all will be converted to this 16-shades-of-gray format (4Bit format). By this time the benefit is that you can replace a color by another throughout the picture by only one click, or else you can simply collate two similar colors (mod.ApplyDither), and that pictures will remain true to the original even if printed black and white (preparing for print out).

Normally (see "god.ini"), GoDot starts with mode Multi and 16 colors/shades of gray set which you can read from "Screen Controls" window. You set the number of colors/shades of gray to display if you click into the gadget right to Colors: if you click right to the middle you increment, left you decrement. After that you activate the palette requester, and will be shown a bar of colors of respective length in the inferior half of the requester. Each amount of colors is appointed to an optimal sequence of grays that you can choose with the Default gadget. Gadget Display will then render the picture with the chosen color sequence (just like Display in Screen Controls). If you don't like the results of the previuos action you reset it by clicking Undo, or change the colors. For that purpose you click the wanted color in the upper color bar (it will appear in the small window to the right), and set it by a click into the lower color bar.

To change single colors may generate most interesting effects.

Palette Default palette of Colors: 9


Arndt Dettke

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