Mouse Pointer

The standard mouse pointer consists of a small black and white line. The rear part of the pointer (normally black) indicates its current position. The pointer will be visible at any time except the machine is accessing a disk, or you moved it out of screen borders. The pointer is driven by a mouse like Commodore 1351, by joystick, or by the CRSR keys. A special configuration for each is not necessary because all input devices can be used at the same time.

Mouse pointers can be replaced (mod..NewPointer; INI files), whereby the hotspot (the location of the 'fingertip' when pointing, it's normally in the upper left) will be adjusted.

If you consider the CRSR keys too slow you can accelerate the cursor movement by the following key combinations.
C=h: to the right, C=f: to the left, C=s: down, C=F3: up (there are some CTRL combinations, too).

The left mouse button has release functions (like RETURN, or the fire button on a joystick; see gadgets), the right one is unused.


Arndt Dettke

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