VBM is a C128 format, that originally comes from the UNIX world. It is created by a program of UNIX clone ACE by Craig Bruce from Canada. VBM is a monochrome format, and may come forward by sizes up to 2040x65535 pixels. Enclosed to GoDot Sharepack 2 (and of course to GoDot Full Version) is a C128-Viewer for this kind of pictures (80 column screen required).

This loader offers - as other loaders do likewise (e.g. ldr.PFoxResample) - options to control the resampling of image data. Option Resample to Hires will create a 5 shades of gray picture (multi mode rendering recommended), Resample to Multi one of 9 (true) shades of gray (render multi with dialled off monitor colors). Pictures up to 320x200 pixels of size may be loaded at 1:1 scale using option Monochrome. No matter what option, up to now they all scan only the upper left corner of a picture. VBM images may be as well packed as unpacked.

Displayed in "Image Information":

Saver: yes


Arndt Dettke

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