Those who have to write something down about GoDot will appreciate this module. It allows to freeze GoDot screens and store them as a hires image, e.g. as a PCX picture. All screenshots of the GoDot manual (part of the full version to be purchased at CMD's) and of these webpages have been created this way.

What you need in any case is an REU (see RAM extensions). Without it the loader won't react at all. After activating SnapShot, it waits for the key combination C=g ("g" for Get or Grab) or for the left arrow key to terminate its function (will be confirmed by a red border flash). When activated, you can even though replace ldr..Snapshot by any other loader, it will furthermore stay at hand until you press the left arrow key. All keys except these two are deactivated, so if it becomes necessary to input text or to operate GoDot by key commands you have to terminate the loader beforehand. Grabbing of graphic screens will be refused (with a green border flash), since it was nonsensical. Caution: Don't try to snapshot when GoDot accesses the C64's serial bus, or when unit "RAM" is active. In fact, both of them will pick up the picture but then GoDot will crash.

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Arndt Dettke

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