A loader considered for all Scanntronik picture formats (see ldr.PFoxResample), but also for standard bitmaps. After having chosen a file, you are presented with a preview frame of the image (Shape) on screen, and you may move an input device across it (mouse, joystick, keyboard) to determine the section to be loaded. The position of the upper left corner will be shown as digits. Pictures being loaded have an extent of 320x200 dots (40x25 tiles), as much as the original hadn't been smaller. The reading in of the pixels occurs at a 1:1 scale, their size won't be changed. After that, standard (!) bitmaps have to be inverted (mod.Negative) because Scanntronik's programs do store their data always black on white. The loader will reject pictures of a different format with an error message.

Displayed in "Image Information":
  • PFox
  • 320x200
  • Color
Loader PFoxSelect

Saver: yes


Arndt Dettke

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