This loader will transport hires images created by Scanntronik programs to GoDot (Printfox, Pagefox, Eddison and so on) whose name suffixes are "GB" (format: 640x400 pixels). The images will thereby be scaled to 320x200 pixels, not in a linear process, however, where every second pixel would be skipped, but GoDot will compute an average out of four neighbour pixel values, and store this value instead. This technique is called Resampling. To take the result, resampled pictures appear to be substantially more detailed than linearly scaled down pictures (term for that: Resizing). The loader offers two options to choose in a pre-requester. Pictures resampled to "Hires" (320x200) may be optimally rendered to multicolor (5 colors) after reading the data, but do look very good rendered to hires, 2 colors, dithering enabled. Pictures resampled to "Multi" produce 9 shades of gray, and are very much suitable for black&white printouts (looking pretty good on screen, though, when dialling down the color tint).

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Arndt Dettke

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