Prepper loaders (short for prepare) will transport their picture data to C64 memory in a format, that intentionally is meant to be further processed, or even isn't fit for being displayed by a C64. The IFLI prepper expects PCX pictures with 256 colors in them (VGA) and will then compute C64 colors for the very specific display mode IFLI (Interlaced FLI) of the program Fun Painter II. In this mode a C64 can seemingly display more colors than actually exist, unfortunately limited to a very strong flicker of many of the "new" colors.

Two complete FLI pictures will be displayed, relieving one another in quick succession, shifted aside by one pixel. The prepper will produce up to 53 different colors (136 being possible), that can be displayed relatively stable on C64 computers. To really enjoy it, you certainly need to apply some more processing modules (mod.FlickerFixer, mod.ClipWorks, mod.RasterIFLI, mod..ColorCount, mod.4BitLens). To truely display an IFLI picture in its own mode, we have provided the full version of GoDot (to be purchased at CMD's) with an additional image player program ("IFLI-diashow", it's PAL, sorry! Can't fix it!)

We conditioned the loader to regarding the Balancing settings when reading a PCX image. Color printouts of prepped images turn out to be excellent (maybe processed by mod.RasterIFLI or mod.OddSwap before).

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Arndt Dettke

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