MCS is short for Mandelbrot Construction Set, and denominates quite an exceptional C64 FLI program. It is a utility to render and display Mandelbrot fractals in FLI mode, which is much more interesting in respect to colors. Even three-d fractals can be computed. Different from FLIP,  MCS stores its picture data in a way that this 8 times 1024 bytes color rams/8192 bytes bitmap only then will be followed by $D800 color ram (1024 bytes). Also different: the background color is always the same for all VIC areas, but it may be different from black. You can find it two bytes behind the color ram (byte 1002 of color ram area). MCS pictures are compacted following the Packbits algorithm. From file to file you'll have a different packing indicator byte, and it is located as the first byte behind its starting address of $4000 (the first data byte). File names have a fixed length of 16 characters, and end up with the four letter string ".PIC".

Without MCS we never had tackled GoDot, because this has been the software to show us ways to professionalize C64 graphics.

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Arndt Dettke

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