IFF is another format of the Amiga, where the picture data are stored as so-called planes. The more planes there are, the more colors will be displayed by the Amiga. Each single plane can be compared to a C64 bitmap. One bit set signals the presence of the appropriate color portion. For a long time, pictures with 32 colors (5 planes) were Amiga standard. Utilizing a hardware trick (just like the multicolor mode of the C64) you can even display 4096 colors, though you only need 6 planes. This graphics mode is called HAM mode (Hold And Modify). From Amiga 1200 on, pictures with 256 colors (8 planes) are making their way on the Amiga. These aren't accepted by ldr.IFF. Normally IFF pictures come up run length encoded (RLE), which is a somewhat more complicated variety of the packbits algorithm. Amiga pictures usually  (but not necessarily) have fixed, in most cases bigger dimensions. The IFF loader will read all pictures up to a size of 1024x768 without problems, but will scale down each size bigger than 320x200 linearly (by resizing) to GoDot's size. Again: pictures with 8 planes won't be accepted by GoDot.

The loader will accommodate the picture data in two different ways to C64 conditions.

IFF pictures will be deposited as hires, even if you should render them in multi mode because of the colors. These pictures can be converted to AFLI format and give outstanding results.

Displayed in "Image Information":

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