The GIF loader converts GIF pictures to IFLI pictures (a process we call prepare for IFLI). Prepared pictures are considered to be stored in FunPaint format, but can as well be rendered as if they were multicolor. Some hints later on.

Lader GIF The loader will only work if you have mod.DecodeGIF installed at the same time, which will take over (guess what) the decoding of the image data. The GIF pictures may have any size up to 1024x768 pixels, what amount of colors they ever have. Before loading you are presented with a preview of the image (its Shape), and in it you may select the portion you like to load (activated by gadget "SetClip"). The actual portion (or clip) you load is equal to 320x200 pixels.

Now, the clou is that you are allowed to scale a picture when reading it. Both of the gadgets "X-Skip" and "Y-Skip" serve for applying the selection frame to a bigger and bigger area, separated to horizontal (x) and vertical (y). The shape will scale down when increasing the skip value, according to the chosen factor. Everything that dovetails into the frame now will be loaded later on. To load a 640x400 picture you set X-Skip to 3 and Y-Skip to 1, these are the correct values for undistorted results.

To make the best of it, you can enlarge parts of a picture, or even enlarge small pictures on reading. You just set skip values to X=0/Y=d (where d means as much as double). The shape won't change on this setting, but the frame accomodates and gets smaller.

The loader can read picture data as well colored as in 16 true shades of gray (for to print black and white) as in 9 IFLI shades of gray (see ldr.PCXprep4IFLI). For this feature you engage the mode gadget below the "SetClip" button (set to "Color" by default).

Caution: The loader doesn't master interlaced GIF pictures. They will be checked, and their basic data will be displayed, the filetype for instance, e.g. "GIF87a" (plus an "i" for "Interlaced"). But then the loading procedure will be cancelled. We hope to reconcile both scaling and interlace any some day, what is not just an easy task.

Hints: GIF images can be displayed differently.

Displayed in "Image Information":

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