Loads pictures created by the multicolor FLI painting program FLIP whose user interface copies that of Amica Paint. FLIP's packing algorithm unpacks a file from bottom to top, and because of this and the length of its files it is unsuitable for GoDot. Only unpacked pictures of FLIP (68 disk blocks) can be processed. The start address of a FLIP picture is $3C00. It starts with 1024 bytes of color ram ($D800) followed by 8 times 1024 bytes of textcolor rams. The last is the 8192 bytes bitmap. Generally, the background color is black for all raster screens.

FLI pictures can display each of the 16 colors per tile. This bigger variety of colors won't get lost in  GoDot's memory. Pictures converted from FLI will retain their richness in color on adequate computers, e.g. as PCX pictures.

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Saver: yes


Arndt Dettke

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