This digitizer too is based on the Printtechnik device. Its hardware however has been completely redesigned and improved, and its handshaking has been changed anew.

The original Scanntronik digitizer software even allows color digitizing. It is delivered together with three color filter foils that should however be exchanged by better ones (glass filters, see ldr.PTDigiI). Scanntronik is confinig itself to a color resolution of 6 bits (resulting to 64 possible shades of color), whereas GoDot uses its full 12 bit color resolution (3 times four bit) to gain a maximum of 4096 colors (which however can't be displayed on C64 computers). Try ldr.4BitRGB to compute most extra-ordinary results on a C64 from those three RGB extract pictures (look at some simple examples in our picture gallery)! The loader produces pictures of 320x200 pixels.

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Arndt Dettke

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