This loader will convert a runnable BASIC program consisting of PRINT commands followed by text constants to writing that will be rendered directly into the graphics screen. The loader will regard control codes to set text position. Example:

100 PRINT "This is a Title Line."
120 PRINT "This is two lines below."

The text will be "written" to the graphics just like the BASIC interpreter would execute the program. Please note that GoDot doesn't check whether you have gathered too many of the control codes (you are out of screen). Should this case arise, GoDot would crash.

On the other hand you can write a BASIC program containing commands for GoDot respecting color and text justification. You have to hide these statements from the interpreter behind REM commands. Following a REM and a quote, you have to set three digits first, which mean:

Digit 1 justification 0=leftbound (default)
Digit 2 foreground color 0 to F (default=1; these are hex digits)
Digit 3 background color 0 to F (default=transparent)
    (transparent=all characters but 0 to F)

Then you have to type a colon to tell codes from text. You can write:

100 REM"2e0:This is a Title Line."
110 REM":This is Line 2."

The first line would be centered (2), and outputted light blue (e) on black (0), the next as well because there are no other statements in front of the colon. PRINT and REM may appear at any ratio of mixing. GoDot will use its own character set which contains German umlauts (äöüß). Text after REM will only be outputted in capitals.

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Arndt Dettke

Copyright © 1997, A. Dettke, Last Updated - 2/10/98