ldr.Amica Paint

Amica Paint is a packed Koala format (multicolor). The length of a file after unpacking is 10257 bytes. It has got the same structure as Koala, but an additional table of color rotation values of 256 bytes length at the file's end. GoDot doesn't evaluate this table. The packbits algorithm uses $C2 as an indicator value, followed by the number of repetitions of the next (third) byte. The end of file is reached with the byte combination $C2 $00. The start address of the picture is $4000. Normally, file names begin with "[B]". In GoDot you'll see "öbä" instead, because the square brackets have been replaced by German umlauts. There are more Amica Paint file types, but GoDot won't accept them.

Displayed in "Image Information":

Saver: yes


Arndt Dettke

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