This is the standard GoDot 4Bit format loader. It offers two levels of functionality: Simply loading a picture and along with it replacing the previous one (Replace), and combining a new picture from portions already in memory and others that must be added from elsewhere (Compose). In either of the levels you can choose the source of the image to add, if you committed an Undo or save to Temp before (Select Source gadget). If not, Disk is defaulted as source for the added picture. Possible other captions of this gadget may be Temp, Undo, PFox, or VDC2.

With the release of loader version 1.10 you can also intentionally manipulate only parts of the image by working with clips (see svr.4BitClip and mod.ClipWorks, or German Workshop #4). To get a clip (but also complete images) to a certain position on screen you have to at first set this position with mod.ClipWorks and then control the process with the Select Load gadget: Load to Full will load to the default position (for images) row 0, column 0, Load to Clip will load an image/clip to the position of the current clip no matter what width or height this is, Load into Clip will do the same but will observe the borders of the current clip setting, and finally Load to Origin - a clip will be loaded to the position it originally came from whereas a normal image acts as if it was Loaded to Full.

Loader 4BitGoDot Main Requester
Being in the Compose section of the loader, you can choose whether the image/clip to add should be loaded behind the present image (Background), or in front (Foreground), thus superimposing it, or whether it should be merged into the present image by three different levels of intensity (Mixed). The first two options use color black for doing their job.

Everywhere the current picture is black (i.e. has a gray value of $00), Background will read the new picture, otherwise not. The added picture fills the black portions of the current. A desirable feature if you want to provide a single motif, perhaps a headline or a logo, with another background.

Loader 4BitGoDot Compose Requester

Option Foreground works vice-versa: everywhere the added picture/clip is black, the current remains visible. There's a sense in this loader's facility too, if you may have composed a picture, and just finally want to superimpose a headline to it. In the end, the result of either operation is identical, only the order of the actions has been reversed.

If you like to let one picture shine through the other, you use option Mixed. Internally, Mixed will add all gray values (the current and those just loaded), devide them by an appropriate factor (you can choose with the percentage selector), and only then assign the result to the 4bit memory. Value $00 (black) will take effect to the result. Note: pictures processed by Mixed, change their gray values, and will result in false colored displays. You may however work around with mod.ApplyColors. Another tip to spare time may be to save the display with "Undo Rendered" everytime you start a new action.

Displayed in "Image Information":

Saver: svr.4BitGodot, svr.4BitClip


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