Input from Keyboard within GoDot

In gadgets that require an input from keyboard, you have to observe the following keys or key combinations when editing:

Key Function
letters, digits appear like being typed (Caution: not all keys on the keyboard are at your disposal)
DEL deletes the character marked by the cursor (Caution: different from BASIC)
INST switches to overwrite mode, another stroke switches back to insert mode
HOME moves the cursor to the first character of the line
CLR moves the cursor behind the last character of the line
C=x erases the contents of the input window
STOP cancels the input and withdraws changes
RETURN ends input and moves the mouse pointer to the "Load" gadget. A further RETURN starts loading

You can only input as much characters as fit into the input field. You can't use letters where is considered to use digits. Caution: Input is impossible when there's no Saver installed!


Arndt Dettke

Copyright © 1997, A. Dettke, Last Updated - 07/30/97