Ini Files

GoDot processes the settings of its screen colors, its mouse pointer, its drive to access first, and some settings that affect RAM extensions already when booting. For this purpose it loads the file "god.ini" (or another one whose name begins with "ini."), and executes the commands it finds there. Thus GoDot will be preconfigured to your own wishes.

You create INI files like you create BASIC programs. However, unlike BASIC the line number is succeeded by a sign of quotation, and each line always contains only one command. Valid key words you'll find in the INI table. GoDot will ignore incorrectly inputted lines when executing them. After completion you save the file, and give it a name that begins with the four letters "ini.".

To inform GoDot of this new INI you add its name to the LOAD command as a parameter, e.g.:


Arndt Dettke

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