Preparing for Black&White Printout

GoDot supports file formats that belong to programs with extraordinary B&W printer drivers, first of all Printfox respectively Pagefox (svr.PFoxGB; svr.Pagefox.90; mod.4Bit2PFox). Also, for many purposes GoDot's own black&white printer drivers will do (mod.9Pin.drv; mod.24Pin.drv). They will transform whatever picture to excellent B&W printouts.

For this purpose you make use of the "Color Controls" window. First of all you set the graphics mode to hires (in "Screen Controls"), the number of the colors to render to 2 (same window), and change the graphics colors to "Default" in Palette requester. Then you choose a favourable dither in gadget "Dith", and render the picture on trial ("Display"). If brightness and distribution of pixels doesn't yet match your expectations, you mend (new values for contrast or balancing resp. a new dither).

The above named savers render a picture four times finer than a C64 can display on screen (they generate 640x400 pixels). If GoDot is running on a C128D (metal case) you should obtain an impression of this on an 80 column monitor by employing mod..4Bit2VDC2.

Other modules to prepare for printout are the savers svr.PCXmono (for MS DOS computers), svr.Pagesetter (for Plus4), svr.GeoPaint (for C64 GEOS), and svr.VBM (for Unix clone ACE C128 of Craig Bruce).


Arndt Dettke

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