Devices are special GoDot modules, that handle communication with a respective RAM extension. Three devices are marked out, dev.REU, dev.PFox, and dev.VDC, one of which is realized up to now (dev.REU). Only when Booting devices become visible to the user, because they will be mounted right next to the auto-installation of GoDot (message: "Installing: dev.REU"). Caution: owners of a C128 or a Pagefox will be presented with the error message "File not found" as there's no appropriate device on disk.

Being big enough devices will provide GoDot users with areas for Undo and Temp. Smaller RAMs (VDC16K, Pagefox) later on can be run either as graphics memory or as module storage areas (Ini Files). GoDot uses a maximum of 1 MB per device, all exceeding space may be utilized by coders for their own purposes. By use of mod..REUTool you can inform yourself of the size of the built-in RAM. In this matter the module will even present you with data about non REU devices.


Arndt Dettke

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