Colors, Brightness/Contrast, and Dithering

The Palette gadget in this window will open another requester which helps you to renew the order of GoDot's colors. You choose the number of colors to process in window "Screen Controls" of main screen (the gadget right to "Colors"), on startup you normally will find here a number of 16. The specialty of the palette function results from GoDot's property of having ordered its colors according to their brightness (see Palette). For each possible amount of colors (2 to 16) we combined an optimized order of colors that easily can be set with gadget "Default". Thereby it proved (to our astonishment indeed) that the default palette of Colors: 8 in most cases draws near the original picture. Palette
Balancing The gagdet Balancing leads to a part of GoDot, where brightness and contrast of the picture can be affected. All settings depend on having loaded the picture data as gray scale data. For this reason changes in the balancing requester will result in false colors when rendering (colors are representations of the non-displayable gray scale values then). If you finally like to pursue processing the picture as a gray scale picture (preparing for print out, converting into foreign formats), you can improve it with "Balancing".

The settings you made here will also take effect when loading IFLI-prep pictures (see ldr.PCXprep4IFLI, ldr.GIF). If you prepare for IFLI you will affect true RGB values for the colors, and therefore receive improved results concerning the colors. Caution: You should in any case take care of leaving both ends of the control raster black and white to maintain a natural impression of the picture.

All loaders and modules that will cause a monochrome result will refer to the settings after "Dith:" (short for dithering) to better display gradations. Most important are the two of the dither settings "Ordered" and "Pattern". The former produces a pattern that is optimized for pictures being displayed on screen, the latter however will be best for printing. Moreover it freely can be manipulated with mod..PatternEd, and be adapted to your imagination.


Arndt Dettke

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