GoDot C64 Image Processing 
EPS Image Download Area
This list is date oriented. The last file entry is the first to read. Feel free 
to download any file from here. They are ZIP compressed, and may be dissolved using Todd Elliott's geoZIP.
Encapsulated PostScript images
rubens.zip      01-12-11        admire the way ConGo 4 renders to 4Bit! It's breathtaking!
sidebottom.zip  01-12-11        this is to honor the C64 PostScript Ambassador himself, Dale
toddhome.zip    01-08-27        to *see* the true capabilities of GoDot's 4Bit format compared with the 
                                4Bit image itself (http://www.godot64.de/download/4bits/toddhome.4bt)
silhouette.zip  01-08-26        nice image, portrait mode
tree2.zip       01-08-26        this was a GIF
metropolis.zip  01-08-25        the famous female robot, portrait mode
suspence.zip    01-08-25        this was an Amiga IFF
beetle.zip      01-07-08        once an Atari image, loaded with MCS
bleyes.zip      01-07-08        very blue eyes
champagne.zip   01-07-08        who owned an Amiga will certainly know this early demo image
cheeta.zip      01-07-08        Craig Bruce's ACE image format (VBM): black&white
chrome.zip      01-07-08        from Amica Paint multicolor 
clown.zip       01-07-08        I saw ads in magazines with this one, converted from PCX
free.zip        01-07-08        another MCS thingy
lockit.zip      01-07-08        see the brass-colored metal
pendragon.zip   01-07-08        an MCS image
sunset.zip      01-07-08        conversion from GIF
tukan.zip       01-07-08        conversion from JPG via GIF (using PSP)
bass.zip        01-07-07        an MCS FLI image, 3-char FLI band stripped
flagface.zip    01-07-07        conversion from an IFF, very early GoDot image
lady.zip        01-07-07        a 5-gray dithered image (ordered dither)
nina2.zip       01-07-07        this one is to proove well-rendered skin colors, was a GIF
sunflower.zip   01-07-07        portrait orientation former Windows Clipart (GIF)
workshp4.zip    01-07-07        multicolor image of an MCS fractal entitled by GoDot
aqua.zip        01-06-28        conversion from a 256 color PCX 
cat1.zip        01-06-28        conversion from an Amiga IFF, saved as GRAY16
goldlady.zip    01-06-28        conversion from a GIF, portrait orientation
hawk2.zip       01-06-28        conversion from an IFF, first published GoDot image
liberty.zip     01-06-28        conversion from a GIF, portrait orientation
millyear.zip    01-06-28        GoDot scan
pcd015.zip      01-06-28        conversion from a Photo CD image (via GIF)
natedac.zip     01-06-28        Quickcam shot taken by Nate himself
theteam.zip     01-06-28        GoDot scan of Wolfgang Kling (right) and me, about 10 years old
spacewalk.zip   01-06-28        clip taken from a FLI-Designer picture
verdi.zip       01-06-28        GoDot scan, portrait orientation
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